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The ever expanding world of online gaming has seen the rise in video slots increase exponentially. There are seemingly new video slots being released every other day and with more than 20 established developers in operation at the moment, players have a mammoth task in researching each individual game. Three are many decrement guides to use when selecting a video slot to play for this first time but no other gives you such an in-depth explanation than This totally free to use website offers players the chance to look up a vast array of the biggest video slots available to play, complete with images, ratings and plenty of useful information alongside. The role of the website is to provide prospective players with much more than just a rundown of a video slot, instead it offers them an insight into how the game plays, the unique attributes of each and where to access each one.

There are over 50 of the highest grossing slots available to analyse through this established website currently. Alongside this the purpose of Fruity Reels is to provide a location where players will utilise the websites functional outbound links to go access the researched slot. When it comes to searching for a particular game, players can be left helpless when it comes to choosing the correct casino to play them but can relieve this burden with their comprehensive Casino review Guide. Developers of video slots only reside in particular casinos so the task of pinpointing a particular game can sometimes be a laborious task, however the team at ’Fruity Reels’ has done all the leg work for the eager players wanting to get started. Alongside this, the very best Casinos are also reviewed in depth, each a unique analysis of games, promotions and features they offer.

The design of is perfect for easily navigating between reviews and looking at potential locations to play these sought after games, allowing players to quickly find what they are looking for. The extensive range of categories really does aid the process of locating a particular video slot or casino. Some of the biggest and most popular slots featured on the site include Reel King, Pink Panther and of course the hugely popular Rainbow Riches fruit machine. This no nonsense approach to providing reliable, informed information makes the website the perfect place to read up on the latest releases and with the new additions published every week, is no one hit wonder.