Four Popular Online Movie Slots

If you like online slots, and you love going to the movies, you’re bound to love playing some of the exciting range of games available at Here are four of the most popular of these games, in no particular order:

Spiderman: The Attack of the Green Goblin

Spiderman is one of the most iconic and popular characters in the Marvel Comics canon, having spawned several cartoon series, countless spin-off products and toys, and numerous hit movies. The latest of these hit movies, Spiderman: The Attack of the Green Goblin, has been turned into a thrilling multi-line slot with a staggering range of exciting bonus features – no less than seven, in fact. These include Rivalling Free Games feature, a progressive free-spins round, a random feature where Spider Man leaps and swings around the reel table turning random symbols into ultra-profitable wild symbols, and the daddy-long-legs of them all, the Ultimate Fight feature, where Spidey goes up against the Green Goblin with a massive 40x cash multiplier at stake.

Alien Autopsy

Remember when Ant and Dec were movie stars? Well, unless you’ve seen the 2006 box-office flop Alien Autopsy, you’d be forgiven for answering this question with a negative response. This movie saw the dynamic duo formerly known as PJ & Duncan cast in the role of two young lads who faked archive footage of Roswell in 1995, convincing a relatively small number of gullible people that aliens actually did visit the earth. Such were the expectations for the movie that a tie-in online slot was produced to capitalise on its expected success, which may well be more entertaining than the movie itself. This five-reel, 15 payline slot features a bonus round where you dissect an alien to win cash prizes, as well as several other features guaranteed to keep you interested a lot longer than an episode of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Takeaway.

Pink Panther

Cartoons provide great visuals for online slots, and there are few cartoons with more style and elan than the classic Pink Panther. Originally making his appearance in the title cards to the first film in the series starring Peter Sellers, the Pink Panther went on to become one of the most popular cartoon series of the 1970s – as well as inspiring one of the most popular items of confectionary in Spain, Pantera Rosa (Spanish for Pink Panther). This multi-line slot features all your favourite characters and motifs from the original series together with two jackpots and no fewer than five bonus games.

Iron Man 3


The first two Iron Man online slot games were among the most popular around, thanks in no small part to the excellent visuals and a selection of thrilling and varied bonus games. In Iron Man 3, our hero Tony Stark can’t get to sleep – all this superhero action has left him a bit traumatized, you see. So, instead, he spends all night developing new Iron Man suits, which conveniently provide the themes for the bonus rounds in this game such as the War Machine Bonus Round, the Iron Patriot Bonus Round, and the Mark 42 Bonus Round, all of which can be accessed from the Hall of Armor bonus game menu.